Do you want to translate just one page ? No problem ! A whole series of tutorial ? Even better (^_^)!

Want to complete / correct an existing translation ?

Clone the branch “gh-pages” on the project’s github repository here. Find the page you want to edit, modify it, and simply send it back to us by email (or submit a github pull request if you prefer).

Finding the file you want to edit is really easy. For example if you want to translate that page in japanese:

Notice the path of the page: “jp/intermediate-tutorials/tutorial-9-vbo-indexing/”. Next in the github repository, under the branch gh-pages, you’ll find a file: “index.markdown” under the same path:

Want to participate in a new language ?

Contact us, we will create the new language folder for you, and you can then follow the same step as above: Find the file you want to translate, edit it, and send it back via email or pull-request.